Book Revue's Artist of the Month Program

Beginning in June, 2010, Book Revue bookstore of Huntington, Long Island, will be featuring one local artist each month as our Artist of the Month. See below for details of the program as it comes together, who the featured artist is this month, and how you might become our Artist of the Month in a future month!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Introducing the Wall...

Things have been rolling along since our last post. We've received quite a few inquiries from local artists who'd like to be featured as a Book Revue Artist of the Month. And now, we are happy to present the newly-constructed gallery display wall, (built by Book Revue's own talented Luke)!

As mentioned previously, it is not a large area, ( it is about 7' high x 6' wide). However, it has some wonderful natural light, and will provide a nice showcase area for one artist each month, to hang 4 to 6 pieces (or 8 or 9 pieces, if the artist's work is smaller sized).If you are an artist and are interested in possibly being our Artist of the Month, please e-mail us at for details.

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